Introducing to You...


It's finally up! My website is! Go and check it out... now I will tell you... there's a lot of work to be done. But, hey you gotta start somewhere and that's where we started tonight. We finally had a free evening (which we haven't had in forever it seems!) to work on it. I'm really excited to start this and I'll be doing a Grand Opening drawing next Saturday! Throughout the week I will be posting pictures of a lot more items that I'll be selling and all you have to do is post a comment to win!! I'll be posting what the grand prize is this week!

I also have pictures of Tammy's flowers on there. I'll be adding buttons for you to place an order or if you would just like to go to her blog and place an order you can at!

Leave a Comment: 1 entry
Become a Follower (if you aren't already): 2 entries
Post about my new website on your own blog: 3 entries
Post the new website to your facebook page: 4
Do all of the above: 12 entries!!

Good Luck Ya'll!

Thanks for looking!


The Vernon's said...

Hey Kara! Congratulations on your website and business! Your bows are adorable!

My girlfriend and I are trying to start up a online business too. We're sewing pillowcase dresses. Who did you get your website through and if you don't mind telling me... how much was it? And how did you start up the business? Did you need a tax ID number to start it up?


Larry and Kara Wright said...

Hey girl! I can give you all the information you want.... Larry did it all! So what I'll do is have him give me all the info and I'll email it to you. Email me at and then I'll email you back all the info!

I saw your dresses and I LOVE them! I'm starting sewing classes sometime next month! This month I'm starting cake classes. My first one is tomorrow night a friend and I are doing them together. I do know that we didn't have to do a tax ID number but I'll get the rest of the info for you!!!

Larry and Kara Wright said...

Hey Kellan, also send me your address ( I know I had it but I'm sure the email is gone) and if I send you some of the headbands, can you take pictures of Aubrey and send them to me to put up? You can just have the headbands...

Anonymous said...

Okay I have done it all... Became a follower, posted on facebook and on my blog :-) Good luck with your new business Kara! They are amazing!

Larry and Kara Wright said...

Yay Tiffany!!! Thanks a bunch!