My Big News...

Well, I have been dying to tell everyone (who doesn't already know:) about my job change!!! I'm extremely happy to announce that I will be working less than full time but more than part time! IF that makes sense?! At the beggining of this year we went to Pastor and told him that I would like to finish my job as a church secretary by January of 2011. No, I'm not pregnant. But all this has to do with the possiblity of one day being! So he began to look for someone and was having no luck whatsoever. So I was praying earnestly that the Lord would bring someone.

Well, He did. About three weeks ago they hired my new replacement which will begin in late July. I will begin working down in the school office Monday through Wednesday and fly every weekend down to Florida to visit Tammy and make hair flowers. Oh no, wait that's not right! Ok, I will seriously be off Thursdays and Fridays which I am soooooo HAPPY about. Thrilled. To. Death I'm so thankful the Lord provided a replacement for me!