Yard Sale...

This morning Larry had Men's Prayer Breakfast and after that he headed on over to someone's house to help do yard work. So Loretta and I went and check out some yard sales. The VA yard sales are a bit stinky. We found one thing and that was a dress for her little girl, Emma for $1. It was a good deal though. It seemed like every place we went to had tons of baby stuff... and I really couldn't us that. But it was so nice today. It was EXTREMELY windy and kind of cold but the sun was out and it was beautiful.

After that I headed back home after running a few errands and Larry and I went out. Not to all those who may take cake classes in the future: you have to buy a ton of stuff! But I was aware of that so just giving ya'll a heads up. So we ended up going and picking up everything I needed for my next class on Tuesday.

We then sat and planned for our vacation coming up REALLY REALLY soon!! I'll write more on that once it's certain on Monday. We are needing a vacation.... badly! I'm looking forward to it.

So now we're just sitting here watching the race/basketball/ and Lie to Me episodes. Wha a combination, huh?