Hot Saturday....

Today started off a bit rotten. Mr. Police man pulled me over. I was going 39 in a 25 zone right around the corner from my house. He was nice enough not to write me up though and that was good. It's been like FOREVER since I've been pulled over-never here. They're a little nicer in NC. Let's just say the rest of the day, I was getting passed left and right LOL!

Then from 11-3 I painted a canvas for my flowers to hang on at the boutique. I found out it does take me 4 hours to paint one with no interruptions. I had to get this done for Monday. Tomorrow I have another canvas to pain for a friend's baby shower. Yikes!

Then finally our even consisted of a youth activity. Steven asked Larry to come and give the devotional for their activity tonight and we just went and hung the whole time. Hot! Hot! Hot! It was a wacky water activity and they had a huge slip n' slide and other water games.

Here's Larry fixin' to cook the hamburgers and hot dogs.