Tonight Will Consist of...

Leaving work, grabbing a bite to eat and watching movies all night long. Well, at least until 10:00! Larry made me promise not to make anymore plans this week. Saturday we are going to Matt & Loretta's for some din din and some tennis. I love playing tennis, we have tennis courts right behind the church at a highschool and we go from time to time. But it's been a while. I'm always so stinkin' sore the next day from playing and swining my arm!

Am I good? NO WAY even though I took a class in college!

We lost internet but now it's back. Forgive the no Wednesday blog :(

So I just wanted to show this lovely picture. It's a fun thing.

Can you tell I'm just a little EXCITED!!!!! How many days?????????
31 work days!!!!!

Here's the old...daytimer :)

And here's the new...

So exciting :) (excuse the fuzziness)


Mom said...

New name on he daytimer lookin good!!
Not much time left - I'm so excited for you!! Enjoy movie night!