Let the Craziness Begin!

Today I started training my replacement-I have one more day and I cut her lose. We only got through Tuesday of my job description. Oh Boy! A lot to do tomorrow.

Tonight I came home and made a cake. It looks better in the picture (which I'll have to post tomorrow) than in person. I think it looks like a skunk, but it don't smell like one. It's yummy smelling!

Tomorrow is a full day's work then we're going over to some friend's house tomorrow night. Saturday we pack for junior camp and I've got to make 30 hair flowers (can I do it??) then Saturday night we go to another friend's house for dinner. Whew!! Sunday's pretty calm-I've got to clean my house. I wish I could wiggle my nose and make it clean. Anyone know how to do that?

It's 9:45 and I just sat down for the first time tonight.

I'm pooped


JCB Design Studio said...

Sounds like you have a very busy weekend ahead of you...just keep your chin up and keep wiggling your nose, you never know...it just might work!