The "Simple" Line

Just Simply Dainty

As I have been contacting stores I began thinking of a "Simple" line of flowers. My "Dainty" line consists of 10-11 layers and the choice of a standard or fancy stone. They are $7 & $8 a piece. I wanted to design something that would still pop but be a little more simple if people wanted to pay a little less. I must admit, I had second thoughts about this because to me, the more layers, the BIGGER and BETTER.

My "Simple" line consists of a 5-layer, 1-2 color-hair flower with a standard stone. They run $3.50 a piece. I currently am working with 8 stores who are carrying or will carry them in the next couple of weeks! I'm just so thankful for how the Lord has provided for me these stores, at times, it's overwhelming and I have to slow myself down. I just don't deserve His goodness! Today, we saw many answers to prayer through the Lord providing. I give Him the praise!

If you are interested in purchasing from Just Simply Dainty or if you have ANY questions, please email me at kara@justsimplydainty.com!

Tomorrow my website will POSSIBLY be up, I'll let you know!