My First Day Off...

So yesterday was my VERY first day off. It felt so weird not rushing out the door to go to work with Larry! So I hit a couple of stores with my flowers! I had dinner cooked and ready by time Larry got home-only to find out he had a dentist appt. he had to turn around and leave for! Then I threw together 25 hair flowers (wow!). I didn't even have the chance to take pictures :( . They were all new styles, oh well!
So today WAS my second day off. Only I was called in to work at noon because Carolyn, the other school secretary that works when I'm off is going to see her VERY first grand baby! Her daughter just had her baby a few minutes ago!! I'm happy to do it for her... we knew this time could come any moment. I was able to hit two more stores today before coming in and delivered 50 more hair flowers. They're coming out of my ears people!!!
So so far I'm loving this schedule! I'm glad I still work 3 days a week but I'm loving my new job and it's so relaxing!