OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!

I came home, went upstairs and got on my computer. I then saw Sierra playing with something, I looked over and saw this scraggly stuff and I had to focus my eyes on what was this...

Sedona ripped this ginormous hole in our carpet. Oh. My. Word.

My heart just FELL to the ground...

I had driven home separate and got home before Larry did. I called him and told him as he was almost home anyways. I honestly feared for Sedona's life!! So she is no longer allowed to stay in our room during the day. Back into her little kennel she goes. She was NO JOKE in time out for 2 hours tonight. I then loved on her. I couldn't resist.

She evidently was just trying to get out of the room...

I think shes a little ashamed in this picture, what do you think??

Does anyone every get a summer cold? I don't think I've EVER gotten one, until NOW! Wow, this past Saturday I came down with one and it's now gone down to my chest and my nose is raw. I don't keep kleenex's around the house, maybe I should start. What happened to my "never get sick" streak. I think that's over!

I just have to tell ya'll that after a 5 year withdrawal of my favorite shows on Lifetime.... WE ARE GETTING FIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, people we are! And I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT for Christmas time. I love Christmas all of the Christmas shows they play!!!!!

I told Larry for the past few years that I might need all of these channels if I stay home one day full time!!!! So we decided to go ahead and do it!!! Friday, the verizon man will be knocking on my door!!!!