Deals, Football & Wings...

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I just had to show you my deal of the week! Ok, maybe two deals. I got this dress for$10!!! I saw it at the beginning of the summer and wasn't going to pay full price... so I just waited, and waited and waited and FINALLY it went on sale. The exact color and size was there waiting for me!

AND!!!!!!!! NFL started today which means fall is just around the corner. It's going to be in the 70s all week. This weather is just so nice! It's actually kinda cold to me.

So what better way to celebrate the starting season of football with a box of wings :)

I saw this on Oprah a couple of years ago and had wanted this cookbook but never got it! It's written by Jessica Seinfeld. But today, I got it for only $5! I couldn't resist. So far what I've seen, the recipes look simple.

Basically it's like this. She has a brownie recipe that has broccoli in it. Yuck but you can't taste it AT ALL. So the cookbook is designed to get your kids (and husbands :) eating good food.

Although, not all of the recipes have weird stuff, but it does have low fat ingredients which is great for Larry's high cholesterol!

I think the biggest reason I wanted the book was because I LOVED the colors of it!


Sara said...

Where did you get the book for $5? I've been wanting this for a couple of years now and just don't want to pay full price!

Geo said...

LOL - you're such a girly-girl.
You got the book for the colors? LOL? cute!