Handing Over the Torch...

Tonight I'm really happy to get to go to a baby shower! Why? Because I get to "go"to it and not "work" it. I enjoyed doing them but it was time to give it up.

I'm also giving up weddings!

October will be my last wedding and this one will be a fun one! It's one of our teachers here at the school and her wedding is a fall themed wedding with pumpkins & corn stalks. OHHHHHH! I just L.O.V.E. fall stuff :) I wanted to get married in November but SOMEONE couldn't wait that long, so I gave in and settled for a hot summer wedding, although, it really turned out to be a beautiful breezy day!

I've gotten my experience with weddings and one day a friend of mine are hoping to go into business together. She was my decorator for my wedding... she's INCREDIBLE. Maybe one day our dream will come tru.

So you can say, my schedule is FINALLY getting freed up, I'm getting to enjoy hanging out with my girlfriends, talking, gabbing and carrying on. Which is WHAT WE DO BEST.

Life. Is. Good.

And it can ONLY get better :)


Geo said...

wow. you're all kinds of talented. i didn't know you did weddings and showers. no wonder that picture looksd so stunning!

Wendy said...

Glad to see things are working out for you!! :-) Not sure if your email has changed, so you'll have to send me an update!

Sara said...

Yes, enjoy it while you can b/c once you do start having babies, everything changes! Of course I always try and squeeze as much girl time as I can :)