Back in the Swing of Things...

So I think I'm back in the swing of things. I always hate the "after vacation" days because you're so blah from doing absolutely nothing on vacation and then to come home to work! So it's taken me a week to get over the blah!

Tonight we had a "girl's night out" with all the women in the church. We all met at Olive Garden and we had a good number show. Since I work until 6 I didn't get there in time to win the free meal but that's ok... here's what I ate:

3 bread sticks
3 bowls of salad
stuffed mushrooms
shrimp on bread
Pumpkin Cheesecake-this was the best!

This is the 2nd pumpkin cheesecake I've had this week. Thursday Loretta and I met at Cheesecake Factory for a little belated birthday celebration and that bad boy was mmmm good! I enjoyed getting to spend time with you Loretta!

Ya think I pigged out? Uhhh. Yea! I've beenwanting salty foods this past week for some reason FRENCH FRIES especially. Honestly EVERY week I find something new I want to eat the whole week. I will always and forever enjoy my food. LOL That's just why I love food SO MUCH! Of course I only had pretzels for lunch to supper just made up for lunch, I guess. Good excuse??

And how many pieces of cake did I eat at the Wedding?

2 pieces-full size
I went into the kitchen TWICE and ate off of the cake crumb trays... OH MY WORD-HEAVEN!

Good Night!