It Was a Busy Day!

Erica, the beautiful bride!

Her flower girls wearing my hair flowers!

I loved these pictures, she playing with my earring while we're trying to get a picture... cute Lillian!

And Larry said this is so me... sitting here eating cake 20 years ago! LOL

My sweet friend Jeanette and her daughter Jillian.

The happy couple!

Larry got all of Erica's nieces and nephews (15 of them!) and put them in the limo to surprise Erica & Nathan as they got in... too fun!

And!!!!A couple of weeks ago we had placed an offer on a 10-acre lot. Well, they took someone's offer over ours-so we thought up until yesterday. We found out that the other people who made the offer wasn't interested so they came back to us and accepted our contract!!!!!! We have a long study period before we close but if everything goes well with our study period on the land our closing date will be sometime in January!

So we've been looking at model houses like CRAZY! Here's just a picture of one of the models we're looking at. We're having decide on which one we're wanting to build and price everything out in the next month. If I could have taken pics inside the house, I would have loved to post them but they don't allow you to take pics. We won't build AT LEAST for another couple of years but the deal on the land was just TOO good to pass up and we are BLESSED BEYOND WORDS!!!!

Next time we ride out there I will def get a picture of it. It's out in the country and it's more than we could have EVER asked for!