Red Bridge...

Original Plans for Today:
Go to Georgetown with my friends to have a D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes which we have had planned for a least a month...

What Actually Happened:
Something came up with the land in which we had to go out and do a few things for the testing on Monday. Bummer was that they were supposed to have the land mowed BUT it wasn't so that's an issue too... we'll have to see.

How I'm Resolving Missing my Cupcake:
Plan it for another day VERY SOON (right Jaime?)!

So on our way back today we saw this LOVELY bridge in the middle of this subdivision and I just HAPPENED to have my camera. So we did a mini photo shoot!

I think I need to clean my lenses LOL you can so tell in the above pic...

Ahhhh! The leaves are turning, finally!

I asked Larry to take another picture without cutting off my shoes and this is what I got... very funny Larry!

This bridge would be BEAUTIFUL in the snow!

Happy Saturday! I have a 6 day weekend this time around. Next week I'm switching my working days to Wed.-Friday! NICE

What am I going to do?? I have a lot of flower orders to fill!


Karen At Home said...

Hi Kara, found your blog through Jennifer Francis's giveaway. I love your flowers and can't wait to order a few for my 10 month old daughter, Jillian. Blessings!