Back Home...

This was my favorite Black Friday find!!! I LOVE this set!!!!

I needed a motivation pill for going back to work today... seriously. I think it gets harder every time we get back from holidays spent with the family. It's just so relaxing and enjoying to me, I love it.

Here's us starting to decorate the tree at my in-laws' house... I LOVE decorating the Christmas tree!

So our plans got changed last week with our travel. Larry called me Tuesday after going out to look at houses and told me that we didn't have plane tickets to fly out the next morning.... ummmm WHAT?? Yea, he accidentally booked them for the WEEK BEFORE instead of the week of Thanksgiving. I really didn't know what to say. I was at home on getting our suit cases packed and the house cleaned, dropping off Sierra and so forth. So we had to decide if or how we were going to get to Florida, let alone the wasted $320 down the drain I had to mentally get over. So we decided to take Sedona and just take the 13 hour hike... only it became almost a 15 hour hike due to the TERRIBLE traffic we sat in for a couple of hours. Long story short, I called and got credit for our tickets, THANK YOU LORD. They weren't supposed to do that but they were nice enough and did anyways.

Sedona wanted to bring the nephews back home with us so she could have 24/7 attention!

So we got down there Thursday around lunch time... had to drop our car on the way into Orlando off at the shop-the ac wasn't working (more on the later) and we were able to stay longer so instead of coming back on Saturday, we got back on Monday. Sedona got sick half way through the trip home, threw up all over her pillow and mine and herself... so we were left smelling vomit for 6 LONG hours. Yummm.

Larry and I had been talking about selling our car for multiple reasons. He had "nicely" threw the idea out to me several times in the past year and I just said "yea right" ... well as I was driving to Florida and he was sleeping, I thought "you know, he was so good to me in the begiing to let me get my dream car, it's time to be selfless and do something for him" so when he woke up I told him I was perfectly fine with selling it and using the money to put towards the house or something else like a different car that he would really enjoy. So yesterday we spent a few hours detailing it and it's up on Craigslist and we have someone coming by on Friday to see it. Pray we can sell it soon! By the way, nothing was wrong with the AC don't think we're getting rid of it with bad AC... it's still under warranty too :)

It's still a good looking car :)

Let's see the next thing is the owners of the townhouse we're wanting to buy accepted our offer and now it goes to the bank since it's a short sale. It can take up to 8 weeks for the bank to even counter offer with us if they're going to. So now we're in the waiting period.... oh this is so hard but the good thing is they can't sell it to anyone else since it's now officially under contract.

Here's Sierra kissing all over Sedona, I think she missed her!