Black Friday :)

Well well well... this has been a good day:) This morning Larry went out at 2 am to get a TV and computer for his parents... I didn't stand in line with him so he came back later and got me. I actually started my shopping last night at OLD NAVY. I couldn't believe they were open so Larry, my brother-in-law and I went on over right before they closed and stocked up! We then went out more today, got more Christmas shopping done and tomorrow we'll go back out early for the new sales they're having! I found my pink coat that I really wanted and I'm looking for more boots... I live in my boots in the winter so you can NEVER have too many pairs :)

Here I am with my coupons and list this morning READY TO GO !

Dogger was a little sad she couldn't go shopping with us...

Larry got to go to his Magic game tonight and had lots of fun. While he went I hung out with my SIL Jenny and just sat around talking... sweet times :)

This is our "school photo" for this year. We gave Larry's mom an 8 x10 of us for her very belated birthday gift.

And this week I've been enjoying some yummo Blue Bell ice cream :)

Update on the house search: Tonight we got a reply from the house that we're DEFINITELY interested in. This is one of the three that we went and looked at on Tuesday. Here is a picture of my favorite part of the house:) It's a 4 bedroom townhouse and it's just BEAUTIFUL. It's just. perfect. But that doesn't mean it's ours! They replied and they're taking our offer to the bank and we're waiting on a counter offer. Please pray that we get this one... if it's the right one!