That Annoying Word... EXERCISE

I've probably been the worst the past 2 months out of my entire life about working out. I haven't done it... at all. Bad, I know. But here's my excuse. It all started going down hill when it got darker in the mornings. I use to get up and walk 2-3 miles every morning and that would get my day going. Mornings were the only time I could do it and know that I would get it done. So then I tried to fit it in whenever and well, that never happened.
Now... it's lighter in the mornings again and today... I got up and excercised. I told Larry last night so that I would have some accountability. And when it was time to go to bed, he set the alarm clock and I was wondering what time he was setting it for... yep! 5:15 in the am-oh stink it worked!
Now I just started back at 20 mins on the bike... but I'm really trying to increase it day by day. I know that when I workout, I eat better too.... was that supposed to start today too? LOL
We got another giftcard to Red Lobster.... so you can imagine what Larry's going to eat again tonight. Can he beat 127?????
We Shall See :)


Shannon said...

Good for you! Today was supposed to be the day for me but sadly it'll have to be tomorrow instead. I love getting my exercise over in the morning, just gets me going and is so nice not to dread it by the end of the day when you're dead tired! Following from over at Karen's blog.