Our Girls Night Out...

Last night we had a girls night out and we had a blast! We went to Reston Town center which is a cute little place with all the outside shops, an ice skating rink, BEAUTIFUL Christmas decorations and the BEST restaurants. We ate at the Big Bowl, a place I had been wanting to try since I've been here and then went over to Red Velvet cupcake shop!!! Here are some pics from the night!

Dogs with Christmas lights... so festive :)

The ice skating rink... it was FREEZING outside! It was in the 20s! Wow

I love this picture! Jaime, Samantha & Andrea are great friends of mine! Thanks for such a fun night!!

We're hoping to go back again soon!


Ashley said...

How fun! I love girls nights!

Andrea said...

I had so much fun with you that night! We must do it again in January!