We've been furniture shopping and I think I found the perfect chairs...

Well... we are SPOILED! We thought Larry had to work all this week and he orginally decided to take Thursday off since he already has Fridays off but we found out the office was closed Wed-Friday this week! So we've been just RELAXING! Can I say I don't think I've EVER had a week so nice and lazy! We've slept in... we've just been laying around. Yesterday we didn't get out of bed until noon, that was just nice. So we went to different furniture stores just to look around for fun. When or if we move I won't keep any furniture we have now. We want to change it all up so it's just been nice getting ideas.

But each day we still wanted to get out of the house so we've done breakfast at Chic-fil-a one morning, we did lunch at Quiznos today, and we did Long Horn the other night for dinner and I don't remember the rest... yea, we're spoiled! It's def going to be hard to go back to work Monday!

But last night we went out with our friends Jeremy & Melody. I brought my camera for pictures but I didn't take any because... here's how our night went:

We planned to grab a bit to eat at Chipotle

Then go bowling

That's NOT what happened!

We went to Chipotle

Went to go bowling only to find out it was "league" night... we ain't in no league.

We went to a indoor racing track

That cost us each $25 for 8 minutes... ain't no way

We then went to the mall, grabbed some smoothies

Then we went over to their house to bowl... on the Wii. That was FUN! We were there until mid-night only cause we could sleep in LOL! Ok, maybe last time we were there it was until mid-night too... but we always have a blast with them.

Here's my die-hard UNC fan... from head to toe! I got him the sweatshirt and pj pants for Christmas. I told him I want a UNC sweatshirt now to match him!


Ashley said...

What a fun week! Lucky girl!;)

The Bruckners said...

Was that a furniture store for giants? :-)

Wendy said...

lookin' sharp, Larry! :) Tell him the Chiefs shirts are selling like crazy--he better hurry if he wants one! :)

The Wagner Family said...

I love that chair! You look so cute in it.