Going Cruisin??

When I was 15 my grandmother took me on a cruise and it was a BLAST! We went to Jamaica, Cozumel, Haiti and somewhere else I just can't remember the 4th place. But I have always wanted to go on one with Larry and I was talking to a friend yesterday that told me we should go! And I thought "yea, WE SHOULD!"
So I brought it up to Larry and he said "umm, you know you're on water for 8 days?!" Yep, been there! So I've been searching for a nice, CHEAPER cruise and I've got some in mind. We wanted to leave pretty soon after school gets out cause we're DYING for a vacation and well, all the other kids will still be in school ....it's time for one.

We had planned on doing Hawaii this past October as our last BIG vacation before kids but since I ended up working for the school office, we didn't want to take that much time off since I would be done in May.

So here's to hoping for midnight buffets, ice sculptures, sunbathing, sleeping in (with no dogs to wake us up), tons of shopping and tons more eating :)

As always, plans can DEFINITELY change, you just never know!


Jamie Danielle said...

The hubby & I were talking about going on a cruise last night.
It's definitely something I want to try at least once in my lifetime :)

Ashley said...

Sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I am dying to go on a cruise ;)

The Florida Hogans said...

They are a blast! Sean and I have been on a ton! Royal Caribbean is by far the best cruise line!

Kayla said...

I totally recommend it. We went on a caribbean cruise for our honeymoon and are going on an alaskan cruise for our "last cruise before babies" this summer! So excited! They're totally worth the money and it truly is the best vacation package!!

PS: Royal Caribbean is the best!!