How 'Bout Them Heels??

Well I have to say it's been some pretty exciting past days around here watching the Tar Heels basketball. They've had some close games but they've still pulled through! I'm so glad they've got a good team this year as apposed to last year!

My parents were in town this past week over in Baltimore for my dad's classes he was teaching and they came over last night when he was done. We got to go out to eat at Olive Garden- I had been dying to go back there since we went a couple of weeks ago and I didn't think of the fact that it was Friday night at 6 pm... hmmm everybody else wanted to eat there too. But the wait wasn't too bad and it was yummy.

One of the vehicles we are looking at my parents actually rented for their trip (Ford Fusion) so I rode back with them while Kenneth and Larry went and grabbed donuts from Shoppers. I liked it a lot but who knows what we'll decide on!

Thank you gas prices for going go high it throws off my whole idea of getting an SUV.... it's still not out of the question but it's not one of the top choices anymore :(

This morning Larry went and got him a bike. He's training to do the 100 miler with my brother and a couple of other friends in a couple of months. He asked if I cared that he spent the money on it all and I said "Umm, I don't care, you let me do my flowers... you can do this bike thing!" I mean I still wouldn't care even I didn't do my own thing but it's something he wants to do to keep his cholesterol down. He's done the marathon, now he's biker dude.

Tonight we have a Sunday School class eat out at Joe's. Ahhhh more Italian... didn't think about that either last night! OOOps!


Anonymous said...

Kara, we have a Ford Fusion and I LOVE it!!!! Its a great car!!!

Kara Wright said...

I thought I remembered you blogging about a Fusion... I'm hoping we do get one, they're nice :)