Spring? Are You Here?

Almost! I can feel it, it's right around the corner and I'm more ready than I've ever been for WARMER weather. I'm tired of freezing to death, we didn't get much snow this winter so bring on the summer! It was almost 80 degrees today!!!!!!!!!

I'm getting back into the blogging groove and it feels great! I need to start taking more pictures for my posts.

So Sierra is away for a couple of days at the "doggy spa" getting her hair cut and playing with her sister. We pick her up tomorrow and I can't wait to see how good she looks. We got a little video today and she's just adorable. It's been MONTHS since she's had short hair and she seems just so much cuter too! Sedona's been in heaven these last two days without her being here. She loves getting all of the attention.

Tomorrow we're going to go look at a car... oh boy. Will this process EVER end?

We FINALLY got my tickets in the mail for Regis and Kelly LIVE and we're going April 8th! WOOO HOOOOO! I'm searching for my outfit and I'm so excited :) :)!!!!!!!! I'm going to go nuts! I hope we get on tv....if so-I'm going to be holding a BIG sign-ok maybe not I don't want to embarrass us!

This is a dress I'm looking at....I love the green but I'm sure it's going to be FREEZING in NY in April.

So this is what's going on around our house tonight. Saving $100 Larry likes to call it. We went to the bike shop tonight with my brother (he's a regular there, EVERYBODY there knows him) and they were showing Larry how to adjust his bike to his size so we came home, ate some pizza and are trying to adjust it themselves. How you like Larry's UNC pants? Ready for the game tonight!


Ashley said...

So exciting! I LOVE the green dress ;)