Carry the Light...

We had an AWESOME Missions Conference this year. Last night was the BIG night with our dedication service of those 4 missionary families we had this past week and ending with our International Dinner afterwards. One of the families is out of our church. We now have 10 families out of our church headed to the field or are already there.

I uploaded a song that was sung by our choir, teenagers and children's choir last night. The name of the song was "Carry the Light". There's just something about listening to kids sing! I can't listen to it without tears streaming down my face knowing the sacrifice these people are making to serve in Papua New Guinea, Kirabati, Dominican Republic and Ghana.

Towards the end of the song, you see our four missionaries being escorted to the front with their country's flag being represented. We had 16 different men come forward pray with them for their minitry as Pastor prayed outloud with the congregation.

I have to say each year Missions Conference gets sweeter to me. I don't know if God will ever call us to the mission field but if He does, I wouldn't be shocked if it were to Papua New Guinea. That was the most meaningful trip Larry has ever taken and the people over there are just so thirsty to hear God's Word. They got his heart while he was there. They know there's a hell and everyone of us is going if we never accept Christ as our Savior. It's our duty to go and tell them. If you were lost and spending eternity in hell, wouldn't you want someone to tell you? I'm so glad someone told me and lead me to Christ!

That's the reason I loaded this song. The words are so powerful... How will they know if we don't carry the Gospel to everyone around us, around the world?