Recap of Our NY Trip...

Back on Valentines Day Larry surprised me with a trip to NY to see LIVE with Regis & Kelly. That same night I found out I was pregnant-that was the BEST Valentine's Day I've ever had!

Two weeks later, I'm finally getting around to posting the pictures from our trip.

We got there Thursday night around 7:30 and we stayed at this BEAUTIFUL hotel call the Algonquin. It was one of the oldest hotels in NY City.... when Larry showed me a picture of this place, I just fell in love with it. It's just sooooo me!

So when we got up to our room Larry noticed the window in the bathroom was open, so he put his hand up to close it and it slammed shut on his thumb. Okay... that was NASTY!! Then I run into the bathroom to throw up because I hadn't eaten since 12 that afternoon. I threw up so HARD I was throwing up blood from busted blood vessels. Larry said "well this is a great start to our weekend!" Yep!

This was the lobby and it looked JUST like the picture.

Our room was so cute-I didn't take a picture of it and I wish I had! So we finally got to go eat at this Mexican restaurant about 2 miles away-we walked everywhere which I didn't mind at all but I was sooo hungry! I love the rush of NY City... Larry on the other hand, he's not a big fan of it but he had such a good attitude the whole time.

After we ate we went to Magnolia Bakery-one of the BEST bakeries in NY and got some cake! Since that was one of my Valentine's Day gifts was that I could have dessert while on the trip (keeping in mind I'm having no dessert this entire year-YEAH what was I thinking knowing I would probably get pregnant??!) I got the vanilla cake and Larry got some cheesecake.

The next morning we got up and walked to Regis & Kelly. Since we were there on a Friday, Regist wasn't there but Russell Brand was and he was HILARIOUS! His new movie was coming out that day so he was co-hosting with Kelly to promote the movie. He was so funny. During the commercial breaks he would come up into the audience and take pictures with people. Well the girls beside me wanted their picture taken with him so he sat on there lap and spread his legs out on Larry and I as he asked if it was ok... he was so much fun. If Regis couldn't be there, I'm glad Russell Brand was! Now when I see him on other shows I go crazy! Here's some pictures from the show!

We then went from there and rode the subway to Ground Zero, took a few pictures and then ate lunch at a corner pizza place there at Ground Zero.

Then we stopped by the Toys R Us, I had never seen the big ferris wheel they had inside so we went in and took a picture, then went downstairs to get cupcakes and ice cream to take back to the room. We came back and took a nap all afternoon-we were SOO tired

Here's my shirt I got from the show!

Late that night I just wanted to go to Time Square and be in the middle of the chaos! I loved it. We ate at a Barbecue place in Time Square then went and took pictures.

Here's the 2011 ball

If we ever go back, I want to go to the Good Morning America show. I'm standing right in front of the studio. Earlier that morning when we were walking to Regis and Kelly, we passed them doing the show!

We then went back to the Magnolia Bakery for my last dessert for the year :(

And this time... we stocked up!!! 3 pieces of cake, 4 cupcakes and of course-a cupcake t-shirt!

The next morning we headed out to eat breakfast and catch the bus back to Virginia.

I am SO thankful we're able to just take fun trips like this and enjoy eating out, going to shows, getting t-shirts and LOTS of dessert. God has blessed us so much! Larry was so thoughtful to let me have a fun weekend and see the Regis and Kelly show! I can definitely go back again real soon :)


Laura Drewry said...

Looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! I love NY, too and the big rush of it all!! I went about 12 yrs ago...and am more than ready to go back!!! But my husband is like yours...don't really care if he ever goes or not! :( I hope to convince him one day though!!
Loved all the pics and those desserts looked DELISH!!! :))
Have a Happy Easter!

Kimberly said...

I live in NJ and have been to Magnolia Bakery a few times. Loved all your pictures.