My First "Officially Retired" Day

I cannot explain to you the thrill it is to be officially done with work! And to celebrate my first real day of being done, I'm cleaning the house :) Big whoop!

We had a nice weekend. On Friday Larry did his bike riding, I ran errands and picked up the crib. The changing table is up but not the crib. I had to finish cleaning and reorganizing that room and the closet before we put it up. We were going to do it last night but we were so pooped by time we got home from grilling out, I didn't feel like messing with it. While he rode his bike yesterday, I searched for a bathing suit-it brought in a tid bit of depression for me...I love cottage cheese but not that kind. I'm determined to get rid of that before our trip. I found a bathing suit I was happy with at Target though :)

Friday is the BIG day! We'll find out if it's a BOY or a GIRL!!! I can't wait! I'm glad I got a early appt. or I would be going nuts all day.

And! We got another dog!!! Ok, not really (are you crazy?). Last Tuesday I started cutting Sierra's hair and got halfway done. Then Thursday I got scissor happy and cut it all off. Larry is very EMBARRASSED for her. I am too but it'll grow. I should have left more around the face so she wouldn't look like a chiwawa...I think she looks more like a fawn :) We just laugh at her. But hey, at least she's not so hot with all that fur. I don't know...she seems pretty proud of it to me :)

Off to finish cleaning the bathroom!


The Wagner Family said...

Congratulations on your retirement!

I about choked when you said you got another dog :). She does look so different.

Can't wait to hear Friday what you find out.