27 weeks (early)...

I'M A WHOPPING 27 WEEKS! HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna go ahead and post my picture a couple of days early... we have junior camp coming up this week and I know I won't take one down there. This morning when I was getting ready I look in the mirror it looks like she dropped-I'm sticking way out at the bottom compared to last week. It's like it happened over night!

I'm still getting the "you're pregnant? Oh I didn't know that" EVERY week at church... I just laugh. Every Sunday morning when Pastor preaches she moves like crazy! Maybe it's conviction starting really early LOL! She knows she's a little sinner in there!

I found this dress at Target for only $6!! And the best part, IT'S NOT MATERNITY AND IT'S AN EXTRA SMALL!!! I just had to say that... it keeps me mentally feeling small :)

I now feel her under my ribs, stretching as far as possible from the left to my right side. I have my sugar test next Monday (August 1) so I better be good while we're at camp-(and when I say "camp" I WILL NOT be out in the hot steamy sun-jr. camp is VERY relaxing for us, at least once we get there it is!) For some reason, I just don't think camp food will be a problem in eating too much! Dr. Martin said she would do a ultrasound this time... we'll see, hopefully she remembers!

I took this week's picture in a odd spot in her nursery because I'm not wanting to show any of the decor just yet. I know her bedding will come in this week while I'm gone and the rest of the stuff I've gotten so far will too but that's ok, it'll give me something to look forward to doing when I come back!

I find myself walking past her nursery all the time, making extra trips in there just to look at it... I'm crazy about it. It seems like it took me SO long to figure out just how I wanted to do it... the juices just weren't flowing like they normally do and then BAM! There it was :)

The fact that I'm having a girl still amazes me JUST AS MUCH as it did the day we found out...I still can't believe my dream of having a girl is coming true! It's definitely hurting Larry's wallet but mine's loving it :)


The Wagner Family said...

Oh my word you are so cute! Thanks for the package of goodies. We got it yesterday. So fun!