Scratch the Glider

We went in on Friday to order the glider and the sale was ONLY on the cream colored cushioned one and I wanted the brown to keep it from getting so dirty. They weren't honest in their advertisement and we weren't going to give them our money so we walked out and changed our plans. I was a bit disappointed because I had already planned on that with decorating the room but that's just how it goes :)

Then I found this... then it was worth it all.

I found this at a thrift shop today for $50 and I just was ridiculously excited. I had sold my black rocking chair that I had originally planned on repainting and using before I found the glider and made $20:) I'm going to order cushions for it to go with the bedding as soon as I find some. Google has been my BEST friend as my mind is trying to put together how I want her room.

I look at this chair and can't believe that in just a few short months I'll be holding my little Mariah and rocking her to sleep :)


Anonymous said...

SO cute! Isn't it awesome how the Lord withholds what we think we want to give us something better? I love the bedding too!