My Birthday Man

Happy Birthday to my husband! I'm so grateful God blessed him with another year of life. I can't wait to see what our future holds and next year he'll be celebrated with 4 girls instead of 3 :) How fun will that be?! I love you Larry!

Tonight we went out to eat then ran to the bike shop. I got him 4 ties, a new helmet and a couple of riding jerseys since his current hobby is biking.

I wanted to be a little silly and so I stopped by the dollar store today and got some decorations and balloons. I've never been home all day on his birthday to where I could have fun with it so I just decided to.

He's so crazy :) My parents got him the UNC tie and jacket!

I googled chocolate cake recipes and this one was by the Pioneer Woman and it turned out really good! Made all from scratch :)