Another Rainy Day...

I'm going to keep this short... maybe. I've still got a lot to do to get ready for our trip to NC this weekend although I am packed for the most part!

I got my hair done last night completely forgetting the fact that hormones right now can make my hair do crazy things. Well, I told him to put more blond in it that I wanted it lighter which he did and it totally came out VERY toned down. I even have a strand of RED in my hair! WHAT???????? Yea! Never had that color in my hair before! Of course he had to put toner in it so I'm thinking I'll wash it today (which I normally let it set it a day or two) to let the toner start coming out. I still liked it tho. But I also had about an inch and a half cut off. It was so dry and nasty from me straightening it all the time, I needed to do something. I just love how good it smells and feels when I leave the salon....ahhhh!

I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures to post from this weekend showing my "do".

Took my iron pill on a semi-empty stomach this morning=BAD IDEA. I haven't thrown up since my first trimester and let's just say iron pills have got to be one of the nastiest things EVER to throw up.

Larry is working today since he's taking off next Monday and Tuesday while his parents are here. I'm missing him but I'm able to get ready for the trip for both of us so that's good.

It's just another wet day here so I'm not sure if they'll have their football games this afternoon or not...maybe not :)

Did I mention that surprisingly I can STILL shave my legs and paint my toenails all by myself??? Yea buddy! My doc said I must have really good genes since I have yet to get stretch marks... I'm keeping my fingers crossed :0