Our Long Weekend

My parents came into town for Labor Day weekend. We stayed very busy... SHOPPING :) We got a lot of good deals, lots of flowers, ribbons, clothes etc. for mostly Mariah. I found some stuff for myself too of course! I got all of this for $22.50! Target was having a awesome sale on their summer stuff :)

Here are just a few more pictures we took after church Sunday night.

This my brother's girlfriend, Samantha :)

We will go to NC for my friends and family shower in a little over 2 weeks with my brother, Samantha and my in-laws so I'm really excited to see family I haven't seen in a while!


Jamie Danielle said...

Where did you get your dress?
I love it! :)

Your baby girl will be very well dressed like momma :)

Kara Wright said...

I actually got it off of ebay!