Today's the Day!

(As I took this picture of Larry, he said "I probably shouldn't be so silly in these pictures knowing it will probably end up on your blog :) OOOps oh well, got it now!

And they're off! This morning at 4:30 Larry and Kenneth took off towards somewhere (I have no clue LOL, all I know is they had to drive 1 1/2 hours somewhere) to ride their 100 mile race they've been training for for what seems EVER.... I've been waiting for this day for a long time. I asked Larry if he could at least not ride on my birthday this week :) He agreed.

Good luck Larry and Kenneth! Happy 5-6 hours of riding! Glad that's not my toosh on a bike seat for that long!!!!!!!

Yesterday as I was doing a few odds and ends in Mariah's room I decided to make the hanger her little onsie is hanging on a little fancier-why not? So above is the after picture and below is the before pic of the hanger. I thought it turned out pretty cute!

And why is it that I'm posting this at 5:30am? My sleeping is TERRIBLE these days. Waking up every other hour going to the bathroom!