Am I Surviving?

Ummm yes :) I will say that week 2 was harder than week 1. Week 3 is going better. It's funny that tomorrow was my official due date-October 27th! So weird that she's been here almost 3 weeks now. She's out of her preemie clothes and trying to fit into newborn but they're still a little too big. Her hands are always lost in her sleeves. It made me sad putting away her preemie clothes knowing that she'll never wear them again :(

**Sniffle Sniffle**

Here are just a few pictures. I've been bad at taking any this week. Don't get me wrong, I've taken plenty of phone pictures and sent them to her Nonna and Poppa. I started back keeping Jonah so I'm trying to juggle both of their schedules and keep my head above water.

These are from this past Sunday. She's wearing her first little dress :)

I have found that me eating first no longer matters... it's funny how before kids your life revolved around... well, US but now it's meeting her needs. The hardest thing I'm having to get use to now is it taking her an hour to eat. By time we're done, it's time to feed her again! But we're working on making that shorter.


The Vernon's said...

Hey sweetie! Are you nursing? I'm guessing so, because of the hour it takes Mariah to eat. Some people may argue with me, but Aubrey did the exact same thing!! It was like she nursed forever and then it was soon time to nurse again. Well, my lactation consultant told me that they get all they need within the first 15-20 minutes... and the rest is just being latched on like a pacifier.
I will be honest it took me a long time to believe it, but they really do. She was really done eating and asleep.
So save yourself, and just pull her off by sticking your finger in the corner of her mouth. And you can get some sleep or rest or whatever!
Hope this helps! She's gorgeous!! :o)

Kara Wright said...

OHHHH Thank you so much Kellan. I was wondering that because it seemed like I was a pacifier a majority of the time and my dr told me I only need to nurse for 20 mins so I'm guessing that's why! I was wondering too how to get her to pull off. Thanks so much for the advice!