My NC Shower...

Well I'm so disappointed because I LOST my memory card that had all of my pictures from the shower that Larry took on there. I'm still looking and praying I can find it because it had all the CUTE little details of the shower decorations. But here are some that were taken my friends and family so I thought I would upload a few! My shower was unbelievably sweet. We had friends and family come and it was a special time of getting to see people I haven't seen in a while and catching up with them along with celebrating little Mariah.

I would like to thank my mom and daddy for hosting the shower for me. They put so much into it and everyone enjoyed such a yummy meal! They hosted it at the same place they hosted my daddy's retirement party a year ago which is next to the Durham Bulls baseball stadium. The building is just beautiful and I'm REALLY hoping I can find my memory card. I lost it in the midst of bringing all my goodies in and organizing everything.

Thank you so much Mom & Daddy for giving me the best baby shower! I love ya'll!!

The sweetest most YUMMIEST cake!

Ha! Look at us, we matched and I didn't even notice :)

My Sunday school teacher from when I was in elementary school made this BEAUTIFUL quilt! I went crazy over it! She has been waiting ever since we got married to have a baby so she could make one and she doesn't make many of these so I felt EXTRA special!!!

I liked this cute little dress so much I went and got it in another size so I have it twice :)

I'd like to thank my in-laws for coming all the way from Orlando too so they could be at my showers!