Almost Friday:)

Seriously, how can you love something so small SO much??? I look at this picture and I tear up I'm just so smitten by her.

This week has gone MUCH MUCH better. I'm figuring out Mariah's cries-they're all "hold me and spoil me" cries! Little rotten booger. I won't give in! I won't give in!

Last night marked the start of a busy rest of the week. It makes me nervous because we have something going on every day or night until Monday and that's going to be a challenge for me. This weekend is our couples' conference. Thankfully it's not at a hotel this year, it's just at our church Friday night and Saturday. She's going to stay for her first time with a baby sitter. It's a sweet lady in our church who's going to keep her on Friday and Saturday I'm bringing her to the church for their baby sitting since it's through the afternoon. The feedings will be a challenge but it'll get done somehow:)

Mariah's been doing great with sleeping at night... then last night she woke me up every two hours so I'll be taking a nap today for sure.

All dolled up ready for church!

I feel like I have FINALLY cought up on my sleep. I'm a happier person, more patient with my little goober even when she's not happy. Believe me, the other night I wanted to get in the car and drive somewhere... if the mall had been open, I would have gone AND SPENT MONEY.

They say that having a baby costs you $-well, my husband informed me the other day that it's actually saved us a lot of money because I'm not going out shopping during the day-with two babies are you kidding me?????? He use to fill up my car every week (SUV's are so bad on gas UGH but I still love mine :) and we're almost on week 3 of my gas tank being 3/4 full! I gotta say I'm a little proud of myself ! I'm going to have to make up for that when my parents are here next weekend :) :) I can't wait for them to come back and see Mariah.