It's Time to Catch Up!

It's been a complete world wind ever since Thanksgiving! We went to NC this year to spend it with my family and had a great time. My whole side of the family got to meet her including both sets of her great grandparents!

It was a little challenging this year with SLEEP. Mariah didn't want to sleep at all-being in a new environment threw her off. Finally the last night my mom kept her in their room and she slept very well. This makes me EXTREMELY scared about Christmas in Florida.... I'm not going to lie. Honestly, I wanted to never go anywhere again for the holidays and let everyone come to us! The lack of sleep is killing me!! She does well most nights with only waking up once, sometimes twice but not being in her own crib makes her not sleepy :) We'll see how Christmas goes......YIKES.

When we got back from NC I noticed Mariah had a fever and since she's so young they wanted me to take her to the ER. They did blood work, a spinal tap and XRays and came to the conclusion that she had pneumonia. I then took her to her pediatrician on that Monday and he said she DID NOT have pneumonia. She just had a virus.

And things just keep on rolling. This week will be crazier let's just say :)