Mariah's First Christmas!

I finally received the disk from all of our pics we had taken over Thanksgiving. So I'll be posting them this week. I'm glad to be back to blogging :) Christmas vacation was a nice breather for me and I feel like Mariah grew so much!

***Mariah is going on her 5th night of sleeping all the way through without waking up. Now that we are home... I curious to see how she does tonight!***

We spent the past two weeks (almost) with both of our families. Usually the family we aren't with at Christmas we try to spend the days after Christmas with. So this year we were in FL for Christmas and NC Tuesday through Saturday. I will admit, there were times where I didn't think I could make this trip. 2 dogs and a baby which the dogs stayed in NC while we went to FL. I do know this-I will try to time it next time (meaning when I have our 2nd child, that will not be next Christmas LOL!) to where I will be pregnant when we go to FL. Taking an infant that far was just a lot for me to handle. She would not take naps at all during the day but would sleep great a night. It was toasty hot down there! Whew was it toasty. But we had a great time in FL.

Mariah was absolutely spoiled over vacation. She got SO many cute things which you'll be seeing in future pictures I'm sure. I was not ready to come home at all. I enjoyed being with family and relaxing.

So enjoy the pictures. Unfortunately, the pictures except for a few that we took in FL were on a memory card that will not allow me to transfer them. Which stinks. He just bought me some new memory cards since I'm notorious for losing them :(

Here we are with my grandparents.

Our 4 generation picture! So very very special to me.

All Smiles :)

My grandmother made this sweet little outfit. I can't wait to put it on her. She also made a matching hat!

This was the night we did Christmas with my family.

Getting some sugar.

Hanging out in Florida. This was the outfit we bought when we found out we were having a girl!!

Here we are Christmas morning.

Just chillin'

She got her a cute little hat from Nonna & Poppa. I couldn't stand it. I had to go and get her picture taken in it. So that's what we did yesterday. I didn't buy the cd so this is the best I could do was just take a pic of it to post. Believe me, they were adorable!

Our goal is to take her to get her pic done every month for the first year. Let's see how we do with that :)

After church we always like to go to Las Palmas. We did this growing up and so we're getting Mariah into the habit too :) You can see she really enjoyed her first experience!