So We're Moving!

So I had to wait and write about this until we announced it to our church family tonight. So here we go!

For a couple of years we have been praying about the next step in our ministry the Lord would have for us. After Mariah was born we started looking for a church for Larry to pastor. We spoke with several different churches and to make a long story short... the last one we ever thought we would go to-that's where we're going!

We are moving to Raphine, VA where Larry will be the Pastor at Marlbrook Baptist Church. It's about 2 1/2 hours away from here. The Lord provided a renter for our current townhouse in one week! We put our house on the market on a Saturday and the following Saturday while Larry was out of the country, we got a contract. We have already packed 40-some boxes and will continue to pack this week and move over this coming weekend.

Our first Sunday there will be March 11th. We are looking forward to taking a mini 3-week vacation with going to the beach, visiting my parents and doing whatever we feel like doing!

I'm looking forward to raising our Mariah and future children there. I'm excited about the slower paced life. I want to plant a garden, I want to decorate my house, I want to make things I've seen on Pinterest...I want to enjoy being a mom and yes... a wife who supports her husband 100% as he pastor's this church.

We will definitely miss Temple Baptist. It's where Larry and I met, fell in love, got married and had our sweet little lady. We have made some life long friendships there and I am so grateful for what the Lord has taught us while being at Temple. While saying goodbye is never fun, we're thankful for the Lord leading us to a place where we can better serve Him!

As we take this next step in our lives may we never take for granted God's goodness in choosing us to lead this wonderful group of people in Raphine.


Jamie Danielle said...

That's wonderful news, God bless you & your little family in this new journey :)

Patti S. said...

Bill, Andrew and I are keeping all of you in our prayers for your move and new ministry. Keep in touch! Patti