What's Next??

Goodbye for Good

Today we left our little home for the last time. As I walked out I looked back and remembered all the sweet memories we had there. I remember roasting marshmellows in the fire place, I remember when we renovated the whole house, got new carpet and came home to my Christmas tree getting put up by Larry and some of his friends as a surprise. I remember the day we brought Mariah home from the hospital... oh the sweet memories we have made over the past 5 1/2 years.

Leaving Jonah

But by far the hardest for me walking out was remembering the past 6 months I had a sweet little boy in my house, Jonah. Last Friday was the last day I had with him and I will admit, I cried myself to sleep that night and even as I write this, I fight the tears. He was my "first baby". I was pregnant with Mariah when I started keeping Jonah. He taught me so much and prepared me for becoming a mom. That sweet little boy came to my door every morning at 7:00 with the biggest smile...how can you not love him? Jonah made my day EVERY day and I love him to death. I know he'll never remember me but I will always remember him and that's enough for me. I can't wait until I get to see him again, all grown up and still smiling just as big as ever. I love you Jonah and I will miss you!

So What's Next??

So what's next?? Well, tonight we are at my parents in NC and tomorrow sometime-whenever we feel like it :) we will head over to the beach for two weeks. Why are we taking such a long vacation? Larry has always said that when he begins his ministry as a pastor he would love to take a nice long vacation to clear his mind and prepare his heart for the Lord's work. So, that's what we're doing! We are so excited to go and just do nothing. My parents will be coming up for a few days in between their trips and we'll just enjoy spending sweet time with them.

Mariah's Growing!

I'm looking forward to starting Mariah on rice cereal while we're there. She's definitely starting to notice when I eat so I think it's the perfect time to start her on yummy fruits and veggies. She's growing up SO fast but I love it. I just love this age where she's starting to recognize the dogs, different things around her while starting to get a mild case of "mommy-itus". That's ok though, :) I don't mind.

Pictures of Our New Place

I will post pics as soon as we get back and settled in. Larry took pics of our furniture set up in our bedrooms, kitchen and living room but of course, I gotta get Mariah's tree ordered for her room and all the pics hung before I show ya'll. Just wait until you see the view walking out of our back door... lovely... just lovely. It's all mountains.

Dream Come True

I can honestly say, this seems like a dream come true. While at first it seemed far from that, the more I think about it, the more excited I get. I know God has lead us to Raphine for a reason. And it's like He's given me everything else I've ever wanted to go along with it.

Car Shopping

We have decided to car shop-it's still up in the air exactly what we're going to get if we do end up getting it but as soon as we do, you'll see pics :) :) And no.... it's not a MINI VAN lol! If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you know our opinion on those hahahahaha!!