March Madness...

We're pretty pumped around here about the Tarheels making it to the Sweet Sixteen! We pulled out Mariah's cheerleading outfit for Sunday night's game and we pulled them through!

Honestly she's not as chubby as she looks in these pics... she's looking a little obese! hahaha

I took her official 5 month pics today and will take more tomorrow in her little UNC tutu. Will get those posted asap.

We are still slowly unpacking. The house is coming together more and more. The man cave is almost done... just waiting on the new carpet to come in.

I'm so excited to have my parents coming in just a few weeks for Easter week. My parents have been so supportive of us making this big move to Raphine and are just so excited for us. I love my parents so much and can't wait to see them! My dad has seen it here but my mom hasn't. We have so much to show them when they come:)

I have waaaaaaay more to blog about so keep your eye out for more posts in the coming days!