My Lady and I

 Here we are after church tonight. We were about to leave and go to McDonald's. A friend of ours at church told us about their new strawberry cream pies.. and well, you know me. I love my sweets. So we just finished eating them and OH MY... they are GOOD!
You can see our church in the background a little bit in the picture.

 This was this morning. She's such a good baby. Honestly. I'm afraid I'm spoiled and my next one will throw me for a loop!

We have been busy decorating around the house. It's been a lot of fun. I'm just trying to take it in strides. My next project is to work on Mariah's room. It's the only room we're going to paint in the house. The color I picked is like a caramel color and I can't wait to get it on the walls then put her tree up!


Daniel and Sara said...

Her headband is too cute! I love your hair like that!