Wild Game Dinner

We had our Wild Game Dinner last Saturday and ate a lot of different animals :) Well, Larry did. I ended up getting to the dinner late because I gave Mariah her first bump on the ol' noggin. I felt so bad. She was already tired and needed a nap then I put her in the sink to bath her and she slipped. Ooops. It really wasn't that bad. I felt bad but I also knew part of her crying was from being so tired. But we got ourselves together and headed on over.

Here we are in the fellowship hall. I didn't have any camo or real tree for the big even so we headed to TSC and got Mariah and I some.

I bought her a pink camo bandana and cut it up and made her bow and her little belt. We had so much fun :)

I like jean jumpers but they always ride up and look too small :(

Have I mentioned how much we L.O.V.E. it here?? Life is wonderful just GREAT. And it's nice getting to enjoy our little Mariah!