It's Getting Colder!

It was nice to see the sun shining yesterday for the first time all week! With Sandy coming through at the beginning of the week it seems like it rained for a month straight (even thought it was only a few days). Thankfully we had no damage, we only got a little wind and rain. The storm we had this summer was much worse! We were ready to go in case. We bought a generator back in July when that summer storm hit and what a SMART move! Thankfully we haven't needed it since July! Larry's been teaching how to build a fire. I asked him why I needed to know since he's always he one to do it... LOL I guess in case he ever dies and we're freezing in the house??! 

 We had a lot of fun last week with our friends coming up for a visit from NOVA. Amy, Gary & their two kids and Kenneth/Samantha came last Friday. I haven't seen Amy since 2001 at college. She was good friends with my brother and she finished up grad school after my first semester there. 

We had a busy Saturday going all over the place and showed them around town. Our kiddos at church had a corn maze and Trunk-or-Treat activity so we had a lot of fun there!! My family will be coming up next weekend to celebrate an early Thanksgiving since we won't get to see them on Thanksgiving:( But I'm looking forward to being HOME for Christmas!!! 
Here are a few pics from the weekend~

She's not really smiling a lot in these pictures, in fact as I look at them, she's not smiling at all! She's been a sick little booger and has been cutting her two front teeth:( I just hope she's better for church tomorrow.  Makes me sad!

It's hard to believe that Christmas is so close!! I'm really wanting to decorate for Christmas now but am holding off so my mother-in-law can help when they come for Thanksgiving! There's a few things I'm wanting to add to my tree this year. I saw some cute things at Cracker Barrel that I'm wanting to pick up. This year we're putting up a different tree. It's a bigger, fatter one!! WOOHOO! And I have a big front window to put it at that you can see the lights as you drive by our house! I'm SOOO excited that finally I have a house big enough this year to put out all of my Thomas Kinkade Christmas trees & snowman!!! I already know where they're all going and they're going to be beautiful! 

So have you been thinking about your Christmas list yet? I have! I know one of the things I'm wanting is a pair of cowboy boots. I'm crazy about them and am gonna pick me out a pair. I also need regular boots too since I do live in mine all winter long. 

Mariah is getting bigger and it seems like it's by the minute. She's almost walking on her own although she prefers to be carried everywhere. My back can't handle many more pounds these days:) Although she is trimming down she's getting longer.

 I spend most of my time these days learning photography. I'm excited about getting a new lens! Sometimes I feel SO DUMB!! Oh my goodness. Larry can read something once and understand it and sometimes I have to read and watch things over and over before I get it... and even then sometimes I have to ask him for help. So I think sometimes it's hard for him to understand how my brain works because I don't get it that easily and I thin he always has. Hopefully our kids will get his brains because mine are SHOT.  

Well the steaks are thawing so I better fix the rest of dinner...have a great weekend!


The Wagner Family said...

How clever are you with the #1 in leaves next to Mariah!! Love it.

Emma just got cowgirl boots for her birthday from Target...on sale for $25. :)