Too Caught Up In "Me"

Living here has been such a great thing for our family in so many different ways. One being able to finally slow down our pace of life. I don't believe you need to rush, rush rush. You can still get so much done for the Lord without the hustle and bustle. I often believe that you can easily forget the whole reason why you're in the ministry if you get too caught up in "doing doing doing" and this past week, sadly I reverted back to my old ways.

This past Monday Larry was gone the whole day and didn't get back until around 8:30 that night. So I had some errands I needed to run. I ran to the dollar store and Walmart browsing the Christmas stuff. I had put up my tree this past weekend and just wanted to see if there was anything I "needed" to add to it. I'm not one who's big on throwing cheap looking ornaments on the tree but I just wanted to see what was at the dollar store. I hit the jackpot-but that is for another day. 

Next, I ran into Walmart picking up a few things and I NEVER go in without going to the craft department. I know most Walmarts have gotten rid of theirs but let me tell you, ours is AWESOME!!!!! It's literally a mini Michaels back there. I got *most* of Mariah's birthday stuff back in there and who would have ever thought. God knew I was moving to this town and if the closest Michaels was 30 mins away, I needed something to help me out! 

One of the special things about living in a small town and going to the same stores a lot is getting to know the workers. I have gotten to know this sweet little lady who knows some people in our church. Every time we go to the craft dept. she's back there. Her name is "Bunny" (I don't know her real name:). She just LOVES seeing Mariah ever time we go. Well this past Monday I went to the craft dept but I was in such a rush, I saw her back there but didn't go see her. I was too "caught up in me" and my stupid tree ( I mean really, it's a Christmas tree-who cares. Yea, my point EXACTLY) Then yesterday I got a text from my friend who knows her and told me that she was in a very bad car accident and she was in bad shape. The FIRST thing I thought about? When I walked right past her dept. and didn't even go over and say hello (now, don't think she saw me and I ignored her LOL, no she didn't see me)

 UGHHHHHH!!!!! I felt so heartbroken. For a moment there, I didn't care about anyone but myself. That's who I "use" to be and God has really been working on my heart and I failed Him. I prayed that God would give me a second chance to go and say hello to her, even if it is in the hospital. Bunny is saved, I asked her that one of the first times I talked with her (she goes to a church right down the road from us) and I pray God spares her life and that one day, I'll walk back to that craft dept. and see her big smile again!

Take the time to show people you care, because God takes all of His time caring for you!