This Thanksgiving we got to start a new tradition since we were home. We took Thanksgiving dinner to a family in our church. Lance and his wife, Susie go to our church and about 6 years ago Susie had a stroke and is unable to do for for them like she would like.

 We've gotten to go and spend time with them both on several occassions-Larry's gone over there and cut our firewood and we sat and spent time with Susie. He's also bush hogged some of his property because Larry just loves using a tractor-must be a guy thing. Larry's done some bush-hogging over there... must be a guy thing -he loves getting on a tractor. So Lance saved him a part of his land to mow!

 Lance takes are of our CD ministry at the church!

We hope that one day, Mariah will take on this tradition in caring for others that we've started!