This weekend I had scheduled to photograph a newborn and I was excited with this being my first newborn session. We tried to schedule it within his first week of life but his mother had complications and we weren't able to until he was 2 weeks old. Well, at the last minute I ended up having 2 infants, just 2 days apart to photograph at the same time. I was so excited (and EXTREMELY overwhelmed)! My "studio" was nice and cozy, all in order and ready for the babies and I was SWEATING LIKE A PIG!!!!! Which, that's how it's supposed to be:)

It didn't go AT ALL like I had wanted it to. I got a little discouraged because I got maybe 2 or 3 pics that I wanted and the rest, I bombed. Minor setback. Sometimes with photography I feel like I take 2 steps forward and 3 step back LOL! I watch videos, I read books, I read blogs, I get help from photography friends, I shadow a photographer, and yet sometimes that's just how it goes. Then I think, God is teaching me something... like PATIENCE. Oh no I haven't prayed for it, but I must need it for some reason!

BTW, I started a photography blog back on December 1 but I haven't done but one post. I'll eventually get to it:)

I am excited about my next lens purchase, that's a positive thing to look forward to and I'll just keep working at it:)


The Florida Hogans said...

Kara, you are doing an AMAZING job! You need a trip to Florida soon so I can have you photograph my girls!!!

Kara Wright said...

Thank you so much Tiffany!! That's a big encouragement to me:)

Kara Wright said...

I'm nowhere near as good as the ones you use but hopefully one day I'll get there!!

Blooming Nutrition said...

I think you are doing a beautiful job Kara! I look forward to seeing your pictures! As with all things new, you have to grow and the experience you are getting now will help you with that. Remember life is a journey and this is just part of it!