BIG Sister!

We are excited to announce baby #2 will make an appearance in December! I titled this picture on FB "OH no, come December I will no longer be the favorite". I didn't plan this kind of picture but it was my favorite out of all the ones I snapped. It was kinda funny:) I was trying to snap it really quick before getting ready for church and it started to rain. She HATES for water to sprinkle on her so that's what she was upset about!:)

This one has been COMPLETELY different. I have been extremely sick this time around. With Mariah, I was a little sick but nothing like this. I'm sure having thyroid issues this time has made the difference. I had to cancel a photo shoot for the first time which made me sad. So hopefully I'll be back in full swing before too much longer with taking pictures. Every day is different, the past week I've been more sick at night than any other time. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining though, I'm very thankful for this little one!

I have begged Larry for us not to find out what this one is but he wants to so that if it's a boy, he's not sleeping in a pink room. From day one, Mariah has always slept in her room so we'll be doing the same with this one. We will move Mariah down stairs (that makes me sad) and the baby in her room. I have no preference on what this baby is since I've already gotten my girl, the rest doesn't matter to me!

I can't believe it's already June!!! Where has the time gone people?? At the end of the month I will be going to Raleigh to stay with my parents while Larry is at camp at PCC with our teens. I'm very excited to spend a week there doing a lot of fun stuff with Mariah and my parents.

Well I'm off to run some errands today. Have a great one!


Daniel and Sara said...

So exciting!! Love her expression! Praying the sickness subsides soon!