Daddy's Girl

This child absolutely adores her daddy! When the back door opens she runs (and a lot of the times, falls LOL) Larry got a new pair of Doc's the other day and she wanted to try them on. What a ham. I love that she's so close to him. I think it'll make the transition a lot easier when the time comes for her brother to arrive!

Yesterday I turned 31. This birthday came REALLY fast! But I did get off the couch long enough to fix myself up and go out to eat for a couple of hours. Then came back and got back in the recliner and opened gifts. I got several necklaces, a jean jacket (I'm obsessed with jean jackets right now), a charm for my bracelet, a top, money, and some photography backgrounds that I CAN'T WAIT to use!! And Larry got me a new flash for my camera!! I was so excited.  Hopefully I won't be spending too many of my birthdays on bed rest! I honestly had one of the best birthdays, Larry made it extra special since I couldn't do much. Larry's mom has been here for almost 3 weeks helping and she made me a pound cake. OHHH I LOVE pound cake!!! Wow. So yummy. I was very blessed by all the calls, txt, fb messages I received yesterday!