Room Changes

I have been dreading this for months but it's gotta be done! We are starting the process of changing up the rooms. Mariah will move downstairs and Justus will go in her room. I had my eye on a bedding set from Pottery Barn for a while but wanted to wait until it went on sale. Well, it never did and while I was waiting, I got a email form them showing all the bedding they had on sale. So I decided on this and I got it for $100!

I'm not the "beachy" theme type person and never really thought about using crab bedding but I thought it was cute and I've got other ideas to throw in it to not make it look like a beach. We're starting to paint the room in a couple of weeks using 3 diff colors and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

So for Mariah's room we are picking up her furniture this weekend for her new room. I'm so excited!! Here are the comforters I'm trying to decide between I haven't 100% decided on the colors but I'm pretty close.