Playing Catch Up!

I've attempted blogging several times and it just hasn't happened then before long, it's been months and I realize how big my kids have gotten in between posts! So, it's 1:00 in the morning, Mariah woke up from a nigh mare and I'm in the room next door waiting for her to fall back asleep and I think she has but now I'm not tired:)

 Mariah is almost 2 1/2 and Justus is now 4 months old and weighing 15.9 lbs! Sheesh! Time goes faster with the second one. I just can't keep up. Having two is night and day difference than having one. You're constantly on the go!! WOW! I knew it was busier but I didn't know it was this much busier. It's SO much fun though. I found myself with just one kid, looking around for something to do, and with two, I find myself looking for a few free minutes to take a shower:) I'm still loving photography. I'm slowly changing things, adding things and working on a blog for my photography. Hoping to have that up and running by mid April. 

The kids are great. Justus is healthy as a horse, and doing so well. He's had no health issues since being home from the NICU, not even a cold. Mariah is doing great. Half of the family had the stomach bug, Justus and I managed to avoid it. It was nasty, Mariah had it for 3 days and Larry for 12 hours. I never thought about having to teach a kid how to throw up so that was FUN??! All she wanted to do was snuggle and I gladly did that. 

Life is sweet. We just celebrated 2 years of Raphine bliss here. I feel like we've always been here. It's home. 

We're looking at getting some chickens to raise and hopefully start getting eggs from them. Since being here we've always had fresh eggs brought to us for free but we thought it would be fun for Mariah to experience having them as our own pets. I told Larry I couldn't take care of them though, it was all him:)

I praise Jesus for being so good to our family. So maybe next time my kids won't be teens before posting again:)