Big Boy is 7 Months!

Mr. Handsome is already 7 months old! He's  so loving and sweet. He smiles ALL the time and has the sweetest personality. He brings so much joy into our lives. It's amazing how much faster time goes with the second child. I think just because you're so much busier taking care of two little ones.

On the 28th we will be going to his NICU reunion. I'm so excited! I think they'll be surprised with how big he is! He currently weighs 22 lbs!

Mariah helped me with taking these pictures and wanted to get in the tub herself. In just a few short months she's going to be three! She talks all the time and the things she says is hilarious!


Jamie Danielle said...

Oh my goodness he's chubby & it's beyond precious. You little girl is such a little lady now, so adorable :)

Daniel and Sara said...

Love these! He is so big! Time has flown with my second pregnancy so I can't imagine how much faster it will go when he's here!

ttate53787 said...

They are not going to believe that he is the same baby!! You need to bring proof :)